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MLS Listing Flat Fee FAQ'S

  1. How long can I list for ?
  2. What if I find the buyer myself ?
  3. What is MLS ?
  4. How long does it take to be listed in MLS?
  5. How do I know I am on MLS with all the correct information for my home ?
  6. Can I change the price I listed my home for ?
  7. Do you hold an Open House ?
  8. Realtor response to Flat Fee Listing
  9. Can I still use my FSBO sign
  10. Will my listing appear on the Web sites of other companies ?
  11. Lead Paint ?
  12. Radon Gas ?
  13. Supra Lockbox used to access to your home
  14. Flat Fee versus Commission
  15. Flat Fee Companies in other States
  16. Reciprocal Links townhouse lot

How long can I list for?

The listing can be for up to 12 months..  You can cancel the listing at any time without any penalty.  You can extend the original mls listing for an additional 6 months at a time - no charge to extend - each extension is for up to 6 months.

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What if I find the buyer myself ?

If the buyer is not represented by an agent, no commission is due or payable. 

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What is MLS ?

Multiple Listing Service - This is the system that the Realtors use to share information on homes for sale, under contract and sold.   The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the Realtor Association's computerized list of homes currently for sale. MLS members are required to input all of their listings within 48 hours.   A home listed in the MLS (called a listing) will quickly be seen by thousands of Realtors and their buyers.  You are leveraging off of thousands of professionals efforts at procuring buyers not just for one house.  They are procuring buyers for hundreds of homes in your area, many similar to yours

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How long does it take to be listed in MLS ?

When your listing contract is received the information is entered in the MLS system the same day as the forms have been faxed to us. When all information has been entered you will have an MLS number and all Realtors will find your home when doing a search.  Your payment is due at time of listing in mls.

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How do I know when I am listed on MLS with all the correct information for my home ?

You will receive a copy of the MLS listing and verify all information is correct.  This copy will be e-mailed to you.
The listing is usually entered the same day your signed Listing agreement & payment has been received.   Your
listing with the MLS number will be e-mailed when the MLS has been entered.

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Can I change the price I listed my home for ?

You can submit a form signed by all owners of the home to change the price.  The form can be e-mailed to you.  Just sign and return the form by fax or mail with signatures of all owners.

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 Do you hold an Open House ?

No, with the internet buyers can view photos and the listing information online.  If you wish to hold an open house we will enter
the date and time in MLS.  This will download to sites that have open house information in there web site.

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 Realtor response to Flat Fee Listing

You may receive comments from other Realtors before you list your home in MLS.  Remember they are trying to have you list with them.  Consider the Realtor as a Salesman and working on a commission.

As a FSBO, a Realtor will call you and ask you to co-broke if he has a Buyer.  The norm for a co-broke fee is 3%.  Keeping this in mind - If a Realtor trying to list your home for a commission tells you your home will not be shown if you list your home in MLS by paying a Flat Fee.  WRONG - if that same agent has a buyer and your home is in the price range and area the the buyer desires, he will be calling for a listing appointment.

More homes on the market in MLS - as more FSBO's turn to MLS to market their homes by paying a more reasonable fee to sell, the Buyer agents have a better choice of homes to show.  Now if you use part of your reduced expense for selling your home and lower your price, you should have more showings and a better chance to sell sooner.

Cross Sales example  - Your home is listed by ABC Realty and agent Joe.  Joe has other listings in your sub-division.  Joe may use the number of listings he has to try to convince you he has a way of selling the homes in your sub-division.  If you look at the Sold listings by Joe, you will probably find that Joe listings were sold by different Agents working for different Companies.  This is what is referred to as a cross sale.  Joe is not bringing the buyer but simply listing the home in MLS for the Thousands of agents to have access to the MLS listing.

Familiar with specific area - Our MLS covers 8 different counties - Mecklenburg, Iredell, Lincoln, Gaston, Cabarrus, Union, Stanley & Montgomery.   Realtors work with the buyer who directs them to the location they desire.

I have had a Realtor in Atlanta recommend the service to her sister who then listed her home.

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Can I Still use my FSBO sign

To a Realtor the term "fsbo" or "for sale by owner" means that nobody gets a commission, not the buyer's broker and not the listing broker. So if a Realtor sees that sign you can be sure he or she won't come back. So purely as a practical matter the continued use of your FSBO sign can only adversely affect your chances of sale. Also up until now the FSBO sign has really not done you a lot of good, even if the traffic patterns in your neighborhood means many cars pass by your home.  That is a second reason why an FSBO sign makes little further sense. So historically using an FSBO sign once listed was almost never done.
Bottom line, use my Realtor sign, I don't want the Realtor to call me to confirm that the listing is still active and they will receive a commission. 

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Will my listing appear on the Web Sites of other companies

2,500 web sites will download your listing.  Other Agents and Companies download listings from MLS to try to have
Buyers call them and start the process of finding the right home for that Buyer.  

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Lead Paint

 If your home was built before 1978, you are required by law to provide your buyer with a lead-based paint disclosure, along with the EPA pamphlet entitled, "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home". This is provided on our site for your information (for sellers with homes built before 1978).

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Radon Gas

 Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas. It is impossible to detect radon without testing for it. For questions concerning radon, call the EPA's National Radon Hotline toll-free at 1-800-767-7236

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Supra Lockbox used to access your home

The more often your home is shown to prospective buyers the better the opportunity to sell and and get the price you want.  Make it easy for a Realtor® to show your property with an electronic lockboxThe Supra lockbox is used by  MLS's  ® and the local brokers and agents have an electronic key that opens the key portion of the lockbox to access your key and show the property.  An agent has to update their electronic key monthly so only agents who are in good standing with the MLS® will have access to your home.  The Buyer does not want you present when they are with a Realtor showing your home.

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Flat Fee versus Commission

We have listened to feedback from many of our customers that are unhappy with the traditional commission based real estate sales concept. Customers in the upper price ranges wonder why they have to pay so much more than the guy that owns the smaller house, when basically the services that are being provided are the same? It just does not seem fair. That's why we have developed our Flat Fee Program; to provide quality real estate services at a fair price!  
Here's an example of this inequity that has existed for years. Let's say you have a $80,000 home that has been placed on the market for sale with an agreement to pay a 7% real estate commission. When that property sells, you owe the real estate company $5,600. However, if you have a $200,000 property, that same 7% becomes a $14,000 commission. The question our customers have repeatedly asked is: what service do we get for the $14,000 that is not being performed for the $5,600 commission? Chances are, not much

Utility Phone Numbers

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Charlotte   Duke Power Company   800-600-DUKE
    City of Charlotte Deptment of Water   704-336-2211
    Piedmont Natural Gas   704-525-3882
    Bell South   800-767-2356
    Charlotte Department of Sanitation   704-366-2673
    Time Warner Cable   704-377-9600
Concord   City of Concord Electric   704-786-6161
    City of Concord Water Department   704-786-6161
    Public Service Company (gas)   704-782-1148
    Concord Telephone Company   520-294-1200
    City of Concord Department of Sanitation   704-786-6161
    Time Warner Cable   704-938-5156
Matthews   Duke Power Company   704-594-9400
    City of Charlotte Water Department   704-336-2211
    Piedmont Natural Gas   704-525-3882
    Alltel (telephone)   704-847-9101
    Town of Matthews Department of Sanitation   704-847-4411
    Time Warner Cable   704-377-9600
Weddington   Union Electric   704-289-3145
    Duke Power   704-594-9400
    Union County Public Works   704-283-3819
    NC Natural Gas   800-275-6264
    Alltel Carolina (telephone)   800-843-9214
    Action Garbage   704-821-7578
    Waste Services   704-596-6930
    Time Warner Cable   704-377-9600
Lake Wylie   Duke Power   704-594-9400
    Carolina Water & Sewer   704-525-7990
    York Natural Gas Authority   803-222-7218
    BellSouth   704-780-2355


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Flat Fee Companies in other Statesu

North Carolina                                                                        Raleigh NC  Flat Fee
North Carolina                                                                  Wilmington Flat Fee
North Carolina                                                                  Greensboro Flat Fee
Texas :/    /
Massachusetts -

   There are many more companies in several states offering Flat Fee MLS Listings.

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